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FORT WORTH - A Boy Kills People by his Father’s Truck after getting Drunk
Drunk and Driving

The Victim’s Parents claim in the court that a 16 year old boy under the influence of alcohol, killed 4 and injured several others by accident by recklessly speeding his father’s truck down a very narrow road at about 70 mph.


Both Maria Lemus as well as Sergio Molina sued Ethan Couch, his parents Fred and Tonya Couch, along with Cleburne Metal Works, in respected Tarrant County Court. They clearly sued on their own behalf as well as for their son named Sergio Molina, who was undoubtedly thrown from the bed of the truck and is totally in a vegetative state.


Fred Couch, the father of Ethan, is known as the president of Cleburne Metal Works, which owned the red 2012 Ford pickup truck that his son ruthlessly crashed - stated by the Molinas in the lawsuit.


Ethan Couch had just turned 16 and as a result was not permitted to drive on restricted license without the presence of an adult with him, the Molinas state in the complaint. The boy’s mother named Tonya was available at this court hearing and was clearly aware of Ethan Couch's issue with illegally consuming alcohol.


As per the relevant complaint filed in the court boy had stolen beer from home as result of lack of supervision by his parents. Based on the accident Sergio E. Molina was a true passenger in the truck. There were also five other passengers inside the truck and another boy was clearly seated next to him in the bed.


The victim in this horrible accident Sergio Molina has been clearly in a coma since the accident. His emotionally disturbed parents have strongly incurred more than $600,000 associated with the medical expenses.  Sergio has undergone brain as well as skull surgery. The mentioned victim is still in a vegetative state and also the total expenses may possible to surpass $10 million, especially if his situation demands lifelong care-stated by his parents.

They seek clearly punitive damages for negligence, recklessness along with other charges. They are represented by the legal representative named William Berenson.

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