Delaware State Court System

Understanding how the system of Delaware state court works is very important as it helps you find court records easily.

Delaware Courts Overview

The trial court system of Delaware State consists of Alderman’s Courts, Justice of the Peace Courts, Family Courts, Courts of Common Pleas, Courts of Chancery, and Superior Courts.

To make your work easier, start searching for court records in Delaware by simply going to courts by county.

Delaware Superior Courts

Delaware Superior Courts have general and original jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases with exception of equity cases that fall under the jurisdiction limit of the Court of Chancery. Typically, Superior Courts hear cases that fall beyond the jurisdiction limit of other courts.

They have limited jurisdiction over most drug-related offenses and felony cases. These courts handle civil cases of any amount of money in dispute. Besides, Superior Courts also hear appeals decisions from some agency. Generally, these courts don’t handle domestic or equity related and probate case.

Delaware Courts of Chancery

Delaware Courts of Chancery generally handle most probate cases and complex commercial cases. They have jurisdiction over equity cases involving disputes, which have no enough remedy in statute or common law.

Typical cases that Courts of Chancery handles include fiduciary issues, corporate matters, estates, trusts, disputes over title to real estate, disputes of the sale and purchase of land, and other contracts and commercial cases.

Besides, Courts of Chancery also hears certain types of business disputes, certain types of technology disputes, and certain types of disputes that involve restrictions or deed covenants.

Delaware Courts of Common Pleas

These courts have exclusive jurisdiction over certain types of criminal and civil cases. They have criminal jurisdiction over felony preliminary hearings, and most misdemeanors. Court of Common Pleas may also hear some traffic offenses and some drug-related offenses.

Courts of Common Pleas can handle most general civil cases with below $50,000 in dispute, excluding interest. They can also have jurisdiction over third-party claims, cross-claims, and counterclaims that are filed. They can also order judgments on all these claims with greater than $50,000 in dispute.

Superior Court may also assign any case to Courts of Common Pleas. Jury trial cannot happen in these courts.

Delaware Family Courts

These courts have jurisdiction over the majority of cases involving juvenile or family matters, including certain criminal cases.

Criminal cases that Family Courts handle include non-felony offenses committed against a family member by another family member, misdemeanors committed against a child, protective orders violations, delivery or sale of weapons or alcoholic beverages to a child, sexual assault on a child, interference with custody, and misdemeanor non-support.

Civil cases that Family Courts handle include child custody and visitation, divorce, annulment, child support, division of property jointly owned by people who are no longer married to each other, majority of juvenile delinquency, family abuse prevention, child neglect, and some disability rights enforcement.

They share jurisdiction over alleged curfew violations with Justice of Peace Courts.

Delaware Justice of the Peace Courts

These courts have exclusive jurisdiction over certain types of juvenile, criminal and civil cases. Typical criminal cases that Justice of the Peace Courts hear include certain preliminary hearings for all criminal cases, certain misdemeanors, and majority of non-felony motor vehicle cases.

Typical civil cases that these courts handle include torts, contracts, distress for rent, summary possession (eviction), trespass on land, injury to real property, and taking or damage of personal property. Civil jurisdiction for civil cases is basically limited to claims below $15,000, exclusive of interest.

Delaware Alderman’s Courts

These courts have jurisdiction over traffic and parking cases, some misdemeanor criminal cases, and minor civil cases within their town or city limits.

The town or city charter sets the specific jurisdiction of every Alderman’s Court, and qualifications and selections of Aldermen with the authorization of the General Assembly. Some town or city charters usually require that Aldermen must be lawyers.

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Delaware Birth Records, Death Records, Marriage Records and Divorce Records

Delaware birth records, death records and marriage records are the responsibility of the Delaware Office of Vital Statistics. Delaware divorce records are managed by the Family Court in the county where the divorce was finalized.